Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Potty Training ~ Day TWO

So it's day two of potty training and we've made some MAJOR progress, thanks to our friends M&M's. I give him one M&M for each time he pees in his potty and 5 for each time he goes #2. He has peed MANY, MANY times in the potty today, but has also had a few accidents. He has also gone #2! I had to catch him when he was squatting and set him on the potty, but it worked! I'm one proud momma right now! I'm also one very exhausted momma! I'm loving the money we are saving on diapers though! We'll see what tomorrow brings. It should be interesting because Daddy will be home and get to experience this first hand. :0) I'm excited to have the extra help!

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