Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Back in April when we put our home up for sale, God led me to one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, Psalm 91. I've read this chapter many times, but this time God spoke to my heart and told me to make it my Psalm 91. He told me to make it real for my life; so I did. I'm going to share mine with you below, and then I challenge you to write out Psalm 91 as it relates to your life. I encourage you to just get alone with the Lord for a little bit and allow Him to minister to you. There will be areas of your life where you know you have to rely on Him more, and those are the areas you can add to your Psalm. For example, I dealt with a strong fear of tornadoes, so instead of just saying nothing will harm me, I got specific and mentioned tornadoes and other fears that were taunting me. I also included bees because of a severe allergy that I've had that almost killed me when I was 13. I've had to deal with the fear of dying from getting stung for over 20 years now, but going back and reading my Psalm gives me the peace that I need, just to go outside with my kids during the summer.

I also want to add that as I was writing this verse, "Others may die all around me, but no harm will even graze me or my family. We will stand untouched, watching it all from a safe distance.", my husband was in a car accident that totaled his car. I actually had to stop writing my Psalm to take his call. He walked away from the accident without a scratch! Praise the Lord! This personal Psalm gave me so much peace and whenever I get anxious now, I get my journal out and reread these wonderful words:

My Psalm 91

I will sit down in the High God's presence and spend the night in His shadow. God is my refuge. I trust in Him and I am safe! He rescues me from hidden traps like people who don't have my best interests in mind. He shields me from deadly hazards like traffic accidents, diseases and all other forms of harm that are invisible to my own eyes. His huge, outstretched arm protects me. Under them I am 100% safe. I fear NOTHING ~ not robbers during the night, not tragedy during the day, not disease, not tornadoes, or any other form of natural disaster.

Others may die all around me, but no harm will even graze me or my family. We will stand untouched, watching it all from a safe distance. God is my refuge, the High God, my very own home. Evil can't get close to me, harm can't even get through the door. His angels have been ordered all around me, to guard me wherever I go. If I stumble, they'll catch me; their job is to keep me from falling. I'll walk unharmed among snakes and bees and all wild animals. The Lord says that if I will hold on to Him for dear life, He will get me out of any trouble, He'll give me the best of care if I get to know and trust Him. I will call Him and He will answer. He'll be at my side in bad times; He'll rescue me, then throw me a party. He'll give me a long life!

Be blessed my friends!


  1. Wow Amanda!! I LOVE that idea. That was beautiful!!!! As soon as I get off of the computer I am going to do that myself!! I love your insight!!!

    Tara Washington

  2. Thank you Tara! You put a smile in my heart (and on my face) tonight! I'm glad this blog is a blessing to someone! Your comments mean a lot to me.

  3. Great Job Amanda! Love your new blog! I just want to say, your love and service to the Lord and for your family is inspirational to me and I am certain to many others! Your blog "Bible Momma" is a fabulous idea!!! I wish I would have thought of it myself! lol :) I really enjoyed reading your idea to take such a famous chapter in the Bible such as Psalms 91 and make it "personal". I am also going to take time to do this and I am going to encourage my two older boys to do the same. :) Looking forward to reading more of your blogs! :)

    1. Thank you Rebecca! I love the idea of having your boys do it too. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. Thank you for the nice comments! :0)