Friday, January 30, 2009


Calling all of my Christian friends and family. I have been seeing the # 22 for over a year now. Every time I turn around, there it is again as a highway sign, the temperature, the number on a jersey, the clock, you name it. I thought I had it figured out because at a time when my husband and I were really starting to question God and his plans for our lives, God told me to turn my Bible to Psalm 22. Wow, did it ever fit our situation! It felt so good to finally know what 22 meant. I continued to see that number until we moved into our new home. It was on lot #222. I thought seeing the number would stop after that, and it did for a little while. Now it's back and I really feel like God is trying to tell me something else. I don't understand and it's starting to drive me up a wall. I'm going to talk to an elder in the church to see if they have any thoughts. I wonder if something big is going to happen on Feb. 22. Or is God trying to warn me, or simply point me to another scripture?

What are you thoughts? Has this ever happened to you?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Putting God First

My New Year's Resolution was to put God first because then everything else will fall into place. When you have a husband, homeschool, a baby, a new business, a new home to keep tidy, new friends to make and keep up with, scrapbooking, cooking and a million other things to keep up with, it is harder than it should be to put God first. I really want to, but I know I'm definitely not there yet. I do start homeschool every day with Bible reading and prayer and we end the night together praying as a family. I read the Bible about every other day now before bed. We go to church almost every Wednesday night and every Sunday and we are going to get involved soon within the church. All those things make me feel great, but it's just not enough. I still don't feel like I am putting Him first. I'm not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?