Thursday, December 8, 2011


My little Stinky Face has so much personality!
Hammering in the nails. Check out G.Q. doing it all by himself!
They both made a train caboose! Great job boys!!!
Doesn't Stinky Face look like one of Santa's elves?


It's such a sad gingerbread house.

And now we have a HAPPY home for the gingerbread man (cookie)!
Here is a homemade wreath that I made. You cut off several 6 inch pieces of tulle and then tie them on a wooden hoop that you can get at a craft store. Tie each piece as if you are tying your shoes, but stop after the first step. When the entire loop is covered, you can add a beautiful bow for a finishing touch!

And here are some pretzels and cookies that we decorated. It was mainly me and Stinky Face doing the decorating, while G.Q. and his dad were working on the gingerbread house. This day was so much fun! We'll definitely do it again next year!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I just had to share my little Stinky Face's first preschool picture. I cracked up when he pulled the pictures out of his backpack! He is my little spunky guy, full of personality!

A God-Given Dream

     For those who don't know me personally, I am an independent consultant for Scentsy Wickless Candles. Last week I drove an hour to do an event in Louisville, KY. My husband came along to help me set up and he also took care of the kids. Once everything was set up, he took the kids to the movies. He left behind our camera and our Flip video camera. He set them down right next to me, on top of the suit case. During the time he was gone, I only left my table once to use the restroom. I took my cash with me, but didn't think about anything else. I asked the lady next to me if she could watch my table.

     When the event was over, we were packing up and realized that our Flip video camera was nowhere to be found. I figured that it just got packed up with something and we'd find it later. My husband called the movie theater to make sure it didn't fall out of his pockets or something while he was there, even though he was about 99% sure he left it with me. They didn't have it. When we got home, we searched through everything and couldn't find it. I started getting thoughts of people that I saw throughout the day, wondering if they stole it. One guy in particular came to mind. 

     With Christmas right around the corner, I was really sad about not having a video camera to film my children with. And we don't have the extra $200 to go out and buy a new one. So, a couple nights after the event, I fell asleep and had a very vivid dream. I saw the black suitcase on the floor and saw the Flip slipping right inside and it blended in with the suitcase because they are both black. When I woke from the dream, I just knew in my spirit that God had given me that dream and I needed to check for it again.

     I went to the same suitcase that was in my dream, the biggest one, opened it up, took out a few of the candle warmers and THERE IT WAS! I was extremely excited! In fact, I was on the phone with my cousin and she was telling me something negative and I just started screaming and praising God, and laughing. I also apologized a lot to her and explained what had just happened. I also felt bad for judging others, who I thought might have stolen our Flip. I just love it when God gives me dreams, especially ones that I don't have to try to figure out the meaning.

Thumb Print (or whole-hand print) Art

Here is what happens when you let a 3 year old play with ink pads and markers! I had more pics to share with you, but some of my photos didn't download right. My husband recovered what he could. Thank God for him, or I wouldn't have any of the pictures that were on the camera.

The idea was for the children to just put the ink on their thumbs and make animals and other things out of their thumb prints. As you can see, the ink ended up all over my little Stinky Face! But, thankfully, it easily washed off. This is a nice activity that is quick and fun for all ages!

Here is some of G.Q.'s artwork. I don't particularly like what he drew!