Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Putting God First

My New Year's Resolution was to put God first because then everything else will fall into place. When you have a husband, homeschool, a baby, a new business, a new home to keep tidy, new friends to make and keep up with, scrapbooking, cooking and a million other things to keep up with, it is harder than it should be to put God first. I really want to, but I know I'm definitely not there yet. I do start homeschool every day with Bible reading and prayer and we end the night together praying as a family. I read the Bible about every other day now before bed. We go to church almost every Wednesday night and every Sunday and we are going to get involved soon within the church. All those things make me feel great, but it's just not enough. I still don't feel like I am putting Him first. I'm not sure what else to do. Any suggestions?


  1. Im guilty of this as well, its really hard to have a new baby, new house, I dont know about the homeschooling, but I do know about two parents that go to school themselves and have to do their homework. There are many nights I simply forget to pray because once the kids are finally down, its time to clean up the house and do our school work. It does get hard, but here are a few suggestions....

    Do you pray before you eat?
    When your out in public, do you pray for people, like if you pull over for an ambulance, pray for whoever is the patient...
    If your at Walmart and you see someone with a broke down car, do you pray that they will be blessed with the funds to fix their car,
    If a mom goes to the register and is short a few dollars for her groceries, do you help her out?
    If you pass someone sleeping under a bridge, do you pray the holy ghost will call them to the Lord?
    Do you do more than just pray about it? Do your actions speak louder than words? One thing I really want to do is get involved in a soup kitchen as well as an animal shelter. I always say, when the babies get older, but I really think they should start seeing the impact of their actions now. Like I said, Im guilty as charged too, but those are a few things that may help?

  2. The hardest thing for me is cutting out those activities that God hasn't really called me to do, but I just want to. I do consider myself a prayer warrier, so lack of prayer isn't my issue. My problems are things like making more time for reading the Bible, and getting involved like you mentioned like soup kitchens or something. I would love to do something like that too, but I'm so consumed in my own little world. The good news is that our hearts are in the right places. The bad news is that we have so much farther to go. But the good news again is that the Lord will carry us and he'll get us through. We just need to pray more for our own hearts, that those thoughts will turn into action more often.