Friday, April 13, 2012

Children's Claritin Review

I recently received Children's Claritin as a part of a BzzCampaign. (If you'd like to learn more about being a Bzz Agent like I am, just go to I was anxious to try this allergy medicine on my tween son because he's always sneezing and clearing his throat with this snorting sound that makes him sound like a pig.

Getting him to take the medicine was no different than any other liquid medication. He hated the taste...but that's normal for my son. I loved that this medicine was active for 24 hours, so it's not something you have to try to remember to give them every few hours or so. Initially, I didn't really feel like the Claritin was working. I had my son take it 3 straight days in a row. I still didn't feel like it had done much because he was still sneezing a lot. However, when he stopped taking the medicine, he sneezed  lot more and that pig sound that I must have forgotten about, had come back.

My husband started dealing with allergy issues, so he decided to take the adult dosage (which is the same for children ages 6+) of the Children's Claritin. He said that the flavor wasn't bad, however, he didn't notice much of a change in his allergy symptoms after taking the medicine a couple of days in a row.

Overall, I would give this medicine about a 3 out of 5. It seems to work okay, but not as well as I would've expected from a major brand name such as Claritin.

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