Monday, February 23, 2009

22 Revisited

I hope now that I will stop seeing the # 22. (read previous post for details) Yesterday was February 22nd. All day I was expecting either something great, or something terrible to happen. The church had their 10th anniversary and we "planted an anniversary seed". I thought maybe that was it. It was a stretch to give the amount that we gave. For the rest of the day, nothing significant happened...until about 11:00 pm. We had allowed G.Q. to stay up late. We finished our prayers and then he said to me, "Today at church I went up on stage". I asked him why. He said, "to give my life to Jesus Christ". I couldn't beleive that he didn't tell us this sooner. It would have changed the whole rest of the day. Thank you Jesus for saving my son and for him taking that big step all on his own! You can imagine how happy Aaron and I were. But now, why have I seen the # 22 for over a year now? Is it so I would never forget this date? I really hope I stop seeing the number now and that this story ends and a new one will begin (no new numbers please...unless it means someone else will be saved).

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  1. OMG! This blog actually made a tear run down my cheek. I'm so proud of Gavin...please tell him that! I am so happy this gave you an answer to your #22. I hope you don't start seeing other numbers now, because the suspense was killing me!