Friday, January 13, 2012


Today has been a really hard day for me. I think the hunger is setting in and this is the time where I need to draw closer to the Lord. It doesn't help that the smell of biscuits, gravy and eggs were pouring out of my kitchen this morning thanks to other people in my home who aren't on the fast with me. I came to my room and just cried for a bit this morning. I just pray that all of this self discipline is worth it. Lord, save my family, heal my husband and help us with our finances, please! If even one of those miracles happen (which I believe it will), my heart will be overcome with so much joy. But then again, if it's not the Lord's timing, I will wait and still be happy, knowing that He has made me victorious and that He hears my cries and He loves me unconditionally.

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