Thursday, May 3, 2012


I want my praise to be real.
I want God to feel
it from my heart. 

When I lift my hands up high
it's not for a show.
It's just an easy way for me 
to glorify His name.
This used to be hard for me.
But now I do it freely
without any shame.

Draw me closer Lord, closer.
Pull me up under Your wing.
Let me feel Your love
as I let Your praises ring.

I pour my heart out to You.
Singing about Your mercy and grace
with everything that I got.
Standing before You
my heart beats faster
and I feel my body getting hot.

Take me to another place
where I'll never be too distant
from Your face.

Let Your glory shine on me
as I draw even closer to You
and I drop to my knees.

Hands held high
with tears in my eyes
I wish I knew a way to praise you harder.
You're everything to me.
Lord You'll always be my father!

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