Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I KNEW I shouldn't have joined, but sometimes it's just too hard to resist the latest and greatest things that everyone else is buzzing about! Pinterest  I joined about 2 hours ago and haven't stopping "pinning" things ever since. I already struggle with being on Facebook too often, and now I have caved, joined Pinterest and have a new obsession that will probably take up even more of my time than Facebook.

I will say though, in only 2 hours, I've found some AMAZING homeschool ideas and Pinterest is a way that I can keep all of these ideas in one spot. This is so cool for a homeschooling mother like myself who considers herself to not have a crafty bone in her body. I'm in desperate need of these ideas. When I actually put them to use, I will share them with you. But for now, if you dare, follow me at  If you are not a member, you need to be invited, so just leave me a message with your e-mail and I will invite you!

If you are still confused about what exactly Pinterest is and what you can do with it, then just click on this link:

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