Sunday, September 29, 2013


Well, I was going to write a post about what God is doing in my life, but I cannot focus. One child to my right, wrecking the castle that he just built...talking non-stop. Other two children directly in front of me, one humming and one fussing. I don't know what it is that God is up to. I can't hear myself think. I know God is whispering to me, but I feel like He's getting drowned out from all the noise around me. Just being real! I love the Lord and I know He's about to take me somewhere new, but He's going to have to abduct me long enough for me to be able to listen to what He's trying to tell me. Talk a little louder God. 

Or maybe He's just trying to tell me to go play with my kids!

Be blessed my friends!

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