Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I try to read my Bible most mornings. My oldest son watches the youngest. I usually put on a cartoon so he'll be content. I go to my room and turn on my fan to try and drown out background noise. I lean up against my pillow on the bed with all my materials around me; my prayer journals, pens, highlighter, notebook, Bible and of course my glass of chocolate milk. I get really comfortable and ask the Holy Spirit to minister to me and ask Jesus to please keep my children quiet and content so that I can spend this quality time with Him. I begin my reading and of course I'm interrupted by a loud AAAAAHHHHHH and some other noises. This is the way it goes most days. Sometimes I just continue to pray for God to calm them down and sometimes I run out to the room they are in and whine about not being able to get my time in with the Lord. 

Lately my children have become a little better at keeping down the noise, but I've ran into another problem. I can't seem to stay awake! I get so comfortable and reading makes me just want to fall asleep. So again I pray to God to help me stay awake and stay focused on Him. Most days I end up nodding off and asking the oldest to watch the youngest just a little longer so I can take a short nap. What's this mom to do? I've thought about trying to get my reading in at night, but I really enjoy starting my day off with the Lord. If you have any tips for me, feel free to leave me a note in the comments.

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